Aciem / Flectere

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Artist: Various
Album: Aciem / Flectere
Label: Noyade Records (NR-14)
Release date: June 11, 2016

The new cassette compilation “Aciem/Flectere” by Noyade Records carries on the tradition established by previous release “Eintauchen”. It presents tracks by drone musicians from different countries united by a common idea.
Two components of the title correspond to the two opposites of drone music. One is texturized and curve-full. Soft, murmuring, vibratingly hypnotizing Lunar Abyss track is mirrored by – or, perhaps, is a mirror itself – a jingling lingering moment of Ghost Reflection. Bells and voices, spaces that are yet to be explored.
The second side is a Line. And, as every line existing, this one can be followed. “Hydrocution” by thisquietarmy, though, is more of a flow; but one taken by this flow has the time to observe what he passes. Repeated guitar plunks of System Morgue lead you further and further – but the road is not exactly straight. These are other places, and each person is to choose where to stay.

Lunar Abyss
Ghost Reflection
System Morgue

Cover art by el sol funebre (

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