Lunar Abyss / System Morgue – Dunke Af Mosen (split, 2014)

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Split cassette from two Russian drone ambient projects. Shimmering canvases of Lunar Abyss are soaked in muffled voices like semi-forgotten memories. Rotating are the wooden gears of mighty subliminal mechanisms, stars are shining, reflected from a hyaline, dreams sway and interwine with the reality of night creatures… System Morgue sets in a gloomy fog, with leisurely guitar drones waving from semitone to semitone and ghost pictures creeping in light haze along a swamp, slowly dissolving in tape hiss…

Cassette (ltd.30)
Noyade Records, NMC-1

  1. Lunar Abyss – Luga
  2. System Morgue – Backwater
  3. Lunar Abyss – Poytolova
  4. System Morgue – Unelma

total length: 42:14
release date: October 25, 2014




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